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Bulletin of the Karaganda university
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The 4th issue of the Bulletin of the University of Karaganda, series geography was formed by the guest editor - Chernykh D.V.

Chernykh Dmitry Vladimirovich – is a Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Chief Researcher, Institute of Water and Environmental Problems, SB RAS, Professor, Altai State University. He is an expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Member of the Permanent Environmental Commission of the Russian Geographical Society. Member of the International Association of Landscape Ecology. Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Altai Territory. Member of the editorial board of the journals Geography and Natural Resources and Stepeology Issues. Member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Tigirek State Reserve. Organizer and leader of numerous scientific expeditions in Siberia. Author of more than 200 publications in the field of landscape science, landscape ecology, landscape hydrology, environmental mapping, paleogeography, conservation.

We thank Chernykh D.V. for cooperation and excellent work on the formation of the geography series!

ISSN: ISSN 2518-7201 (Print)

ISSN: ISSN 2663-5003 (Online).

Journal is registered by the ISSN International Center: ISSN 2518-7201 (Print), ISSN 2663-5003 (Online). Access to articles of the electronic version of the journal is open at https://biollogy-medcine-geography-vestnik.ksu.kz/.

Publisher: Academician Ye.A. Buketov Karaganda University

Languages of publications: English, Russian, Kazakh

Periodicity: 1 time per quarter.

Indexation: Kazakhstani Base of Citation (KazBC), the journal is included in list of scientific journals, recommended Committee for Control in sphere of Education and Science


The main goal of the journal "Bulletin of the Karaganda University, Biology, Medicine, Geography Series" coverage of a wide range of biological, medical and geographical problems in the form of reviews, experimental studies in Kazakhstan, foreign countries, critics and annotations; publication of the main results of scientific research, grant projects, thesis works; discussion of a wide range of biology, medicine and geography issues.

Tasks of the journal are:

1 The observation the new scientific results of fundamental and applied importance in biology, medicine, geography, innovative methods of teaching biology and geography.

2 The providing the republican and international functions in the coverage of the main results of the journal authors, conferences of various levels, thesis and books published on the basis of Ye.A. Karaganda State University.

3 The creation of an open scientific space accessible for a wide meeting of scientific research results.

4 The formation of constant interest among the scientific community, young scientists, master and PhD- students, with ensuring professional development.

Accepted for publication:

Results of original research in the form of full-text articles, reviews and reports in biology, medicine and geography in the following sections:

1 Botany (flora, plant resources, anatomy, plant morphology and physiology, introduction, seed production, plant conservation issues in natural conditions);

2 Zoology (vertebrate and invertebrate fauna, habitats, etiology, biochemistry, abundance accounting and conservation methods);

3 Human and animal physiology, biochemistry;

4 Genetics and molecular biology;

5 Microbiology, virology, biotechnology;

6 Cellular biology;

7 Human health and healthy lifestyles, hygiene, medical research;

8 Applied ecology and medical genetics;

9 Diabetes, histology and Pathophysiology.

10 Geography (physical, economic, landscape), soil science and geo ecology.

11 Innovative methods of training in biology, medicine and geography.

The journal does not publish:

- materials that do not correspond to the subject of the magazine;

- materials published by authors earlier in other publications;

- materials containing spelling, mathematical or other errors that cannot be corrected, as well as statements and hypotheses that directly contradict established scientific fact.

Address of edition: Kazakhstan, 470074, Karaganda, st. Universitetskaya, 28

Scientific editor: Ishmuratova M.Yu.

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Executive Secretary: Tleukenova S.U.

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