Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Biology. Medicine. Geography series. №2015-78-2

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  • Kohnert K.-D., Heinke P., Vogt L., Freyse E.-J., Kohnert L., Meyramov G.G., Salzsieder E. Is early short-term intensive insulin treatment an option to preserve β-cell function in type 2 diabetes?
  • Vogt R., Kohnert K.-D., Augstein P., Heinke P., Rackow C., Meyramov G.G., Vogt L., Salzsieder E. Assessment of glucose profiles in routine diabetes care
  • Meyramov G.G., Kohnert K.-D., Tykezhanova G.M., Kystaubaеva Z.T., Kikimbaeva A.A., Aitkulov A.M., Dupont O.-N., Laryushina Ye.M., Abdraimova-Meyramova A.G., Abdulina G.A., Akhmetova S.B., Shaybek A.S., Kovalenko O.L. Histochemical and immunocytochemical investigation of endocrine tissue of pancreas after administration of B-cytotoxic chemicals
  • Meyramov G.G., Kohnert K.-D., Vogt L., Kystaubaeva Z.T., Tykezhanova G.M., Tusupbekova G.T., Mindubaeva F.A., Zhuzbaeva G.O., Shaybek A.S., Zhumagalieva Z.Z., Tyrzhanova S.S., Zhumasheva K.A., Kaibogarova A. On the protective effect of 2,3-dimercaptopropanol for destructive action of zincbinding chemicals on pancreatic B-cells


  • Chlup R. Outcomes of clinical diabetes research at the Teaching Hospital and Faculty of Medicine, Palacký University Olomouc (1971–2014)
  • Kikimbaeva A.A., Kystaubaeva Z.T., Tykezhanova G.M., Bystrevska L.K., Abdraimova-Meyramova A.G., Laryushina Ye.M., Zhautikova S.B., Beskov V.N., Zhuzbaeva G.O., Alina A.R., Turzhanova S.S., Turlibekova G.K. Histochemical method for fluorescent staining of Zn+2-ions in glands
  • Alina A.R., Turgunova L.G., Laryushina Ye.M., Vasilyeva N.V., Amirkhanova D.T. Interrelations between polymorphism of a gene of a methylenetetrahydrofolatreductase with level of Homocystein in patients with 2 type of diabetes
  • Turmuchambetova A.A., Turgunova L.G., Amirchanova D.T., Laryushina E.M., Alina A.R., Zhakupova A.E. Assessment of risk factors of development of diabetes in respondents of the Karaganda region
  • Najmutdinova D.K., Kudratova N.A. The application of insulin analogues in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus: the focus on the cardio protection
  • Turmuchambetova A.A., Turgunova L.G., Laryushina Ye.M., Amirkhanova D.T., Alina A.R., Koichubekov B.K., Zhakupova A.E. Assessment of indicators of a kidney blood-groove at chronic pyelonephritis at patients with diabetes 2 types