Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Biology. Medicine. Geography series. №2016-81-1

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  • Мukasheva G.Zh., Zernke B., Мukasheva М.А. About the ways of biological participation of iodine in maintenance of homoeostasis and determination of iodine deficiency in an organism
  • Mukasheva M.A., Ruppel A. Drafting method of atmospheric air condition monitoring
  • Sokolenko Ya.Yu., Aitkulov A.M., Lorant D. The problems of solid waste disposal on the territory of Karaganda region and their solutions
  • Baktybaeva Z.B., Suleimanov R.A., Mukasheva M.A., Valeev T.K., Rakhmatullin N.R., Kulagin A.A. Ecological evaluation of the content heavy metals in river ecosystem components of mining territory Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Tykezhanova G.M., Yelshina B.B., Estemesova K.A. Prospects, opportunities and challenges of the transition to 12-year education system in Kazakhstan
  • Turgambekov G.М., Zernke B., Tykezhanova G.М., Zeinidenov A.K. The impact of the process of producing chrysotile-asbestos on environment
  • Starikova A.Ye., Yaroshenko O.Yu. Influence of work of the enterprise «Arselor Metall Steel» on the level of pollution of atmospheric air of Temirtau


  • Konkabaeva А.Е., Baranova T.N., Ishmuratova М.Yu. The mechanism of action and manifestation of toxic effects of heavy metals on an organism (the literature review)
  • Ryspaeva G.K., Tykezhanova G.M. Assessment of the regulatory systems of the body of children in the early childhood
  • Mukasheva M.A., Nugumanova Sh.M., Surzhikov D.V. Influence of heavy metals on an environment and health of population
  • Kystaubaeva Z.Т., Eliby S., Serikbay А.Т. Genealogical especially twins were born through in vitro fertilization in multiple pregnancies
  • Nugumanova Sh.M., Оleshchenko А.М., Prozhenik A.G. Assessment of schoolchildren functional shifts in a polluted air
  • Beygam N., Tykezhanova G.M., Stashkevich D.S. The effect of use of mobile communications to the human body