Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Biology. Medicine. Geography series. №2016-82-2

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  • Sadyrova G.A., Mynbayeva B.N., Dzhamilova S.M. Trees and shrubsof the central park of culture and recreation the city of Almaty
  • Kim I.G., Abimuldina S.T., Kim T.N. The structure of chromosomal aberrations at patients with infertility before assisted reproductive technologies
  • Kim T.N., Abimuldina S.T., Kim I.G. The impact of chromosomal polymorphism on the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies programs
  • Khassanov V. T., Muranets A.P. The study of inoculation methods and accumulation of PVХ in the test plants


  • Marchenko V.A., Surzhikov D.V., Mukasheva M.A. Risk estimation of health of novokuznetsk people from the release of the coal industry
  • Kultanov B.Zh., Bublik G.V., Turlybekova G.K., Yestemessova K.A., Dosmagambetova R.S. Evaluation of morphophysiological indicators of sperm of a men living in ecologically unfavorable Aral sea region
  • Kydyrmoldina A.Sh., Zhetpisbayev B.A., Zharykbasova K.S. Change energy metabolism in the long term in the background of gamma-radiation at low dose to emotional stress
  • Kubaev A.B., Kultanov B.Zh., Edilbaeva T.T., Ibraibekov Zh.G., Okasov D.B., Turmuhambetova A.A. Evaluation of the functional state of the thyroid gland men ecologically unfavorable Aral Sea region


  • Akpambetova K.M., Bujdoso Z., Rahmetova A. A. Paleogeography arid zone of Kazakhstan
  • Talzhanov S.A., Seitkaliyev I.O. Mapping air pollution by means of the program ArcGIS 10
  • Chistyakova G.N., Huzsti Zh., Chistova A.A. Economic-geographical approach for developing small and medium businessES in Central Kazakhstan
  • Huszti Zh., Zhangozhina G.M. Formation of ancient valleys of the river Nura
  • Akpambetova K.M., David L., Chistova А.А. Geographic factors of formation of Kazakhstan arid relief
  • Huszti Zh., Abiyeva G.B. Geoenvironmental analysis of the small river catchment areas (on the example of the river Karkaralinka)
  • Кеnzhina K.D., David L., Toimbekova K.S. Karaganda region, the main cancer - causing factors in the geographic view (in the years of census, 1999–2009)
  • Kadirbaeva D.А., Тuleshova К.А. Ecotourism excursion routes of Ulytau region