Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Biology. Medicine. Geography series. №2017-85-1

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  • Мukasheva М.А., Мukasheva G.Zh., Surzhikov D.V., Arymbekova А.K., Zernke B. Status of soil cover on the degree of accumulation of heavy metals in the soil of the industrial region (Karaganda city)
  • Aubakirova B.N., Boxall A.B.А., Beisenova R.R. Toxicity study of antibiotics to the common duckweed (Lemna minor)
  • Mukasheva M.A., Surzhikov V.D., Surzhikov D.V. Environmental risk assessment for the population of the industrial of center emissions in the of air pool of the enterprise for processing marble
  • Ishmuratova М.Yu., Imanbaeva A.A., Kopbaeva G.B., Safronova I.N. To the study of species composition of wild relatives of cultivated plants of floristic area Mugodzhary mountains
  • Kotukhov Yu.A., Danilova A.N., Anufrieva O.A., Sumbembaev A.A., Kubentaev S.A. Alcea froloviana (Litv.) Iljin and Nuphar lutea (L.) Smith — are rare plants of flora of Kazakhstani Altai
  • Turlybekova G.K., Turlybekova A.A., Akhmetova A.N., Gorbacheva D.А. Ecological features of saiga Saiga tatarica L. of Betpakdaly population of the Central Kazakhstan
  • Kyzdarova D.K., Mussina R.T. Ecobiomorphology of ruderal plants meeting in Karaganda city environment
  • Salybekova N.N., Kuzhantaeva Zh.Zh., Erdenova Zh.E. Bioecological features of species fungus affects vegetable crops


  • Meyramov G.G., Kohnert K.-D., Korchin V.I., Kartbaуeva G.T., Shaybek A.Zh., Abdraimova A.G., Zhuzbaeva G.O., Dupont O.-N., Kovalenko O.L., Khlystova L.V., Butumbaeva M.K. Histochemical and Immunohistochemical Investigation of Endocrine Tissue of Pancreas after Damage Caused by B-cytotoxic Chemicals and its Prevention by L-Hystidine
  • Yerznkyan G.G., Tatina Ye.S., Kultanov B.Zh. The content change of circulating extracellular nucleic acids in patients with complicated forms of peptic ulcer disease
  • Rybalkina D.H., Zhanbasinova N.M., Salimbayeva B.M. Oncological morbidity children in the region of Aral sea
  • Salimbayeva B.M., Sraubaev E.N., Sergaliev T.S., Uresaev A.O., Baltaeva Zh.E., Muzafarova A.Sh. Medical and demographic situation in the Aral sea region


  • Tussupova K., Beisenova R.R., Berndtsson Р. Conditional use of assessment for determining willingness to pay for services of the central water supply in rural areas of Kazakhstan
  • Dosmachov S.M., Talzhanov S.A., Malaeva L.T. Social conditions in the development of small and medium business in Kazakhstan
  • Kenzhina K.D. Influence of environmental factors on the demographic situation of the population of Central Kazakhstan
  • Khussainova R.K., Kruch T.T. Innovative technologies in the study of the course «Physical geography of continents and oceans»