Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Biology. Medicine. Geography series. №2018-90-2

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  • Konkabaeva A.E., Sirman D.Yu., Kolossov R.A. Features in the dynamics of morphometric parameters in rats after long-term intake of vegetable products, grown in industrial regions of the Karaganda region
  • Оrazbayeva P.Z., Ishmuratova М.Yu., Skalicka-Wozniak K., Loseva I.V., Ivasenko S.А. Comparative morphological and anatomical analysis of Thymus serpyllum L., gathered in different parts of Karaganda region
  • Salybekova N.N., Abdrassulova Zh.T., Azhibaeva Z.S., Serzhanova A.E. Bioecological features of Fusarium equiseti
  • Kirillov V.Yu., Stikhareva T.N., Serafimovich M.V., Mukasheva F.T., Gering A.V., Sarsenbaeva L.A., Atazhanova G.A., Adekenov S.M. Chemical composition of essential oil from two species of Pulsatilla growing wild in Northern Kazakhstan
  • Nurlybaeva K.A., Mukasheva M.A., Surzhikov V.D., Mukasheva G.Zh., Starikova A.E. Impact of industrial enterprises on atmospheric air pollution of Karaganda
  • Zhumagaliyeva Zh.Zh., Dzhalmakhanbetova R.I., Eleupaeva Sh.K., Korchyn V.I. Antioxidant activity of aminо derivatives of santonin extracted from the plant Artemisia gracil. Krasch. et
  • Akynova L.A., Esnazar A.Zh., Еlmuratova A.S., Isalieva N.S. Studies of the flora of the territory contaminated with oil and oil products
  • Abukenova V.S., Blyalova Zh.Zh. Specification of odonatafauna species diversity in some areas of Karaganda region
  • Saparbaeva N.A. Bioecological features of the widespread medicinal plants of the Terskey Alatau ridge
  • Аkhmetalimova А.М., Ishmuratova М.Yu., Ivasenko S.А., Loseva I.V., Ludwiczuk A. Determination of anatomical diagnostic signs of aboveground parts of raw material of Thymus eremita Klok
  • Grigoryeva I.V., Abukenova V.S., Gill' V.V. Importance of internet resources in the biological education system
  • Myrzabaev A.B., Kuvatbaeva K.N. Study on the soil in the mountain-forest area of Kent


  • Sandle T., Chesca A., Abdulina G. Digital advances in modern pathology
  • Chulenbayeva L.E., Kashanskiy S.V., Ilderbayev O.Z. Сomparative analysis of immunoglobulins in case of combined exposure of dust-radiation factors at remote period
  • Aubakirova B.N., Beisenova R.R., Rakhymzhankyzy Zh., Zhurmanova N.Sh. The effect of macrolides on the growth of macrophytes
  • Nugumanova Sh.M. Influence of the examination on the functional state of the organism of schoolboys
  • Valitova N.V., Kolosova S.F. Anti-tuberculosis activity of beekeeping products in vivo experiment
  • Yeleupaeva Sh.K., Zhumagalieva Zh.Zh., Korchyn V.I. The rates of communal hygiene in some regions of Karaganda and positive and negative directions of them to human body
  • Meyramov G.G., Shaуbek A.S. On the mechanisms of prevention destruction of pancreatic B-cells induced by direct action of zinc binding chelators by reduced form of glutathione
  • Chulenbayeva L.E., Ilderbayev O.Z. The role of free radical oxidation at antracosis on a low dose of ionizing radiation
  • Meyramov G.G., Shaybek A.S. On the methоds fоr preventiоn by aminоaсids оf develоping оf diabetes induсed by chelat aсtive chemiсals