Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Biology. Medicine. Geography series. №2018-92-4

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  • Kosareva О.N., Dinova G.Е., Akhtanova А.B. Features of biology of the introduced apple-tree sorts in arid conditions of Mangystau
  • Skrylnik E.V., Tovstiy Yu.N. Changes in the content and quality of humus in chernozem podzolized after the introduction of manure and compost on its basis
  • Konkabaeva A.E., Sirman D.Y., Tykezhanova G.M., Baranova T.N., Kolossov R.A. Influence of the infusion of beetroot seeds (Beta vulgaris) on the indices of protein and carbohydrate exchange in animals in the sub-chronic and chronic experiment after exposure to copper acetate
  • Vdovina Т.А., Vinokurov А.А., Lagus О.А., Isakova Е.А. Introduction of moisture-holding polymer «Aquasorb» during landing wood-shrubby and fruit plants in the arid conditions of Kazakhstan
  • Mamytova N.S., Akbaeva L.H., Zhumabekova A.Zh., Tulegenov E.A., Aubakirova B.N. The study of self-treatment capacity of water bodies by annual average indices in Akmola region
  • Kupriyanov A.N., Abduova A.A., Sataev M.I., Moshkalov B.M., Zharylkapov I. Research of woody plants of the Borolday mountains within the Syrdarya-Turkestan regional nature park
  • Imanbayeva А.А., Belozerov I.F., Ishmuratova М.Yu. Diagnostics of introduction value of herbs of natural flora in the conditions of Mangystau
  • Isabek A.U., Tlenchiyeva T.M., Chervyakova O.V., Burashev E.D., Sultankulova K.T. Selection of primers for the obtaining of subunits of the avian influenza virus hemagglutinin gene


  • Nurlybayeva K.A., Aitkulov A.M., Mukasheva M.A., Starikova A.E. Cytomorphological assessment of the nasal mucosa of the children's population of some industrial cities of Karaganda region
  • Akhmetova A.Zh., Abilova Zh.M., Rakhimova S.E., Kairov U.E., Bekbosynova М.S., Guelly Ch., Akilzhanova A.R. Features of library preparation for targeted sequencing of arrhythmogenic syndromes
  • Nurlybayeva K.A., Aitkulov A.M., Mukasheva M.A., Starikova A.E. Cytomorphological assessment of buccal epithelium of the cheeks of children of some industrial cities of the Karaganda region
  • Bulgakova O.V., Kausbekova A.Zh., Bersimbaev R.I. Liquid biopsy: a new diagnostic method in clinical oncology